Steve Winham

Steve Winham

Hygga Farm



NP16 6QQ

07973 366211



A highly successful, self motivated, hardworking senior Retail Manager with vast experience of both building winning teams and maximising profits, whilst identifying and turning around under performing business units.






Currently writing a motivational workshop that will provide companies with an improved and more positive workforce whilst providing the company with honest feedback about how their teams are feeling and a report of suggestions based around these results.


Date: Jan 10 - Dec 10


Coles Supermarkets, Melbourne, Australia



Working with Regional Managers to improve the productivity, profitability and team/company morale in under-performing units.

Recognising opportunities of improvement and increasing/maximising profit margins

Developing strong, motivated teams and talent of the future from existing employees, therefore reducing the on-costs of hiring whilst vastly improving the motivation and self belief of existing team players.



Significantly improved the companies worst performing store (ranked 748th out of 748 stores) leaving it in the top half after years of it being perceived as the ‘bottom’ store.

All key financial and people KPI’s (wages, waste, stock loss, bottom line profit, operating expenses, absence, training) improved and bought into line. This was done in a sustainable way by retraining each individual and recognising whether there was a ‘will’ or ‘skill’ weakness and working personally with them to resolve these issues. This is far preferable to going in and throwing money, threat of disciplinary action etc at a problem rather than developing the resources already in place.

Developed strong managers of the future through recognising, developing and rewarding talent.

Recognised stores in need of a refresh and put business cases together to justify this.





Date: January 04 - Dec 10


Tesco PLC.



Controlling, improving and maximising profit margins through identifying under performing areas/skill sets in the store operations.

Developing middle and senior management through Personal Development Plans

Identifying key business opportunities



Worked with and ran some of the company’s toughest stores (examples would be Newport, Cosham, Southsea, Barry) 9 in total. Leaving each one with greatly improved KPI’s and stronger in-store teams whilst improving customer measures (‘one in front’, mystery shop results) and store moral (‘viewpoint results’) at no extra financial cost to the store but rather through good training and improved understanding for the need of efficient productivity measures.

Greatly improved stock loss, waste and payroll costs throughout the stores.

Ran and completed refits including a major £2 million refit in the Chepstow store whilst continuing to trade the store throughout.

Average store sales were £1,000,000 per week per store


Date: March 03 - January 04


Regional General Manager - Sherrygold Limited (trading as Burger King)



Supporting the Operations Director in turning around the fortunes of 40 Burger King restaurants by:

Identifying new sites and stores in need of re-fits.

Improving overall bottom line profit through training management teams on good commercial practice

Recognising and encouraging future management potential

Managing and conducting monthly operational audits on restaurants to maintain high standards and create a competitive, motivated workforce.

Calculating management budgets and forecasts for restaurants

Researching, developing and implementing marketing strategies for stores.



Dramatically increased bottom line profit in all stores during my time with the company

Improved standing of the company with the franchisor (Burger King) through awareness exercises and promotional activity enabling the franchisee to be seen as a healthy partner rather than a troublesome concern.

Optimised team spirit and morale at all levels of management resulting in stores improving their national standing in operating standards audits and mystery shopper results.

Identified marketing/pricing strategies for the stores dependent on demographics and other local issues

Increased commercial awareness of managers and general operating standards across the chain.


Date: November 00 - September 02


Business Manager - OKR Group, 21 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland



To help the board improve the profitability and general long term and short term opportunities of their 22 restaurants.

Identifying potential new sites and seeing though refits of ‘tired’ sites.

Supporting management teams to resolve individual restaurant issues

Training and development of management teams.

Developing marketing campaigns aimed at increasing customer levels and loyalty.



Under achieving stores turned around with positive double digit sales growth and better bottom line profit through dealing with obvious issues and concerns head on.

Invited in fresh talent from abroad (mainly Latvia) who today are still with the company but now running the restaurants rather than just working in them.

Dramatically improved operating standards throughout the estate.


Previous employment:

Ran a franchise business in Exeter (the largest fast food Burger King restaurant outside of London, enabling it to refit the store for cash, becoming one of the most profitable and successful BK restaurants in UK.

Other Senior management positions within food retail including running areas/stores in Edinburgh, London, Devon.



PC/Mac proficient

Full clean drivers licence

Excellent Health